Easy Interior Decorating Styles to Redecorate Your House

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Interior decorating styles are something you need to learn if you want to redecorate your old house. If you know the key, decorating your house will be very interesting and fun to do. Even, it is possible for you to apply easy and fast interior decorating styles. Let’s learn how to make your house looks outstanding than before.

Changing old lampshades

The first thing to do to redecorate your house is by changing the simplest interior decorating styles. One of them is lampshades. There are hundreds of new lampshades in the market to change your old one. To make significant different, you can use the opposite with the old one. For example, if you tend to use a lampshade with neutral colors, now you can change it with colorful lampshade. This is including choosing interesting and attracting pattern. Floral patterns with bright color might be great option to give fresh outlook.

Painting specific area

You don’t have to paint all of your walls at home. Doing it will be very expensive and you have to spend more time and energy. Because of that, you can just choose one of interior decorating styles which commonly used. Just try to choose the room you want to paint first. Then, you can choose a wall there. Yes! Just choose only one wall and than paint it with bright color. Now, you have a fresh room, isn’t it? If you don’t need to do it, you can just take different simple way. What you have to do is choosing your favorite bookshelf. Then, you can change the color of the old bookshelf. You can use shocking or unexpected color such as red, yellow, blue, green, and many more. One more thing you can choose if you want to redecorate your interior by painting it. In this case, you can just paint the ceiling. Most of the ceilings are painted with white color. Now, you can use different color. It is better for you to choose lighter color instead of black color. The combination between blue and white is a good option.

Changing the curtains

Now, just choose a room which has several windows at home. Just see the curtain of the window. One thing which makes the room usual is because you see the same curtains all the time. Because of that, it is better for you to change the old curtain with a new one. You may change the color or the pattern of the curtain. If you have more time, you can also create homemade curtain. Just choose the fabrics and prepare everything and start to make a lovely curtain for the room. You can find the pattern of the curtain from internet or books.

Using colors to manage room

Let say, you want to make kitchen closer to your dining room. If it is so, you can just use color to make those two rooms closer. The simple way is choosing two contrast colors. For example, you can just use black and white color. It is also possible to combine between white and bright colors. Then, apply the color as rows. It is not only applied in the wall of your room, you can also apply it in your sofa. Just choose sofa with neutral color and then use bright row color for the pillows.

Removing and replace accessories

Too much accessories at home make the room looks full. Because of that, you can just remove those accessories. What you have to do is removing all the accessories first. Then, you can manage the accessories with new replacement. It seems that you don’t do anything with the room but changing the position of the accessories as well as remove some of them you will have a new room at home. This is the same case if you have paintings. Just take down the paintings then find new place for those paintings. Just feel the sensation of this simple trick. You will have two new rooms, right?

Managing family photos

Definitely, you have a lot of family photos, right? Now, you can manage it by applying it with contrast color frame. You can use one small or medium table to manage those photos or you can just hang some of the photos on the wall. We can say that you have wall of fame at home. It is really one of interesting and fun interior decorating styles to do.

Kinds of Storage Furniture You Can Consider for Home

Getting enough storage furniture in your home can keep things well-organized as it gets rid of any clutters. It can help you make your home look organized and neat. But, do you know that there are many kinds of storage solutions you should consider? Well, the types of storage are actually based on the location the furniture placed. You extremely will need storage space in spite of your house’s size. If your house is small, storage space then can be a problem so that you will need storage solution to pack things away. If your house is bigger, then you will have more storage space that can lead you to buy more items. When it comes to design a house, you have to keep in mind that every room in your house needs different storage furniture types, based on the items contain.

living room storage

Living room storage furniture

Living room is also well-known as family room where all family members gather, relax and entertain guests. Hence, it’s essential to make it clutter-free. Following are storage solutions you could consider in your living room.

• Bookcase
Bookcase is generally used for keeping books that lay on horizontal shelving. An antique bookcase will look elegant that can also add old world appeal to the living room interior. If your living room has a fireplace, you can place a built-in bookcase next to it to make it more appealing. You can also build a mounted bookcase on the walls.
• Shelf brackets and wall shelves
Those kinds of storage solutions are commonly available in various sizes and shapes. They are such an ideal place to show-off your bric-a-brac.
• CD/DVD racks
As the name suggest, this item can be used to store CDs and DVDs. Not only available in racks, but also other storage solution for your CD like spinner racks, glass cabinets or even mountable shelves.
• Coffee tables
Coffee table is ideal to keep magazine and newspaper in your living room. It can also be used to keep flower vase, TV remote, and even coaster that can also act as a temporary dining table when your friends are coming and are drinking and eating.

Bedroom storage furniture

• Wardrobes
Wardrobe could be the most important storage furniture pieces in a bedroom. It can be used to store books, clothes and other things particularly if they are large. Large wardrobe can also make the bedroom looks more coordinated.
• Bed storage units
There are also available compartments of underneath the bed storage which is perfect to store large items you don’t require often. When you are going to opt for a bed that has a storage compartment underneath your bed, search for factors such as space and robustness.
• Drawers
Dresser is a common name refers to a chest of drawers that can be used to store clothes and other stuff. Tall dressers are generally more feasible option if your bedroom is small.
• Dressing table
Many women might agree that this feature is the most important furniture piece to have in your bedroom. It’s such a great place to store your stuffs. If your bedroom has limited space, consider affixing a mirror ahead the dresser that will offer more space to move.
• Headboards
Sometimes, headboard can be used as storage solution that generally comes with shelves and drawers. Those are great option if you don’t have a nightstand or bedside table.
• Bedside table
Based on your bedroom’s size, a bedside table can double over as storage furniture piece, typically if it has shelves or drawer underneath. It also sometimes associated as nightstand as it can be used to place photo frames, alarm clock, books and also bedside lamp.

Laundry room storage furniture

Consider placing clothes hampers, clothes basket and shelves to serve storage purposes inside your laundry room. Based on your laundry room’s size, you can have either changeable racks or just affix them to the walls to enable you moving around.

Bathroom storage furniture

Your bathroom should have wall shelving and mirror cabinet to store any toiletries. Many bathrooms also should have cabinets underneath the sink to serve an extra storage space. If your bathroom is large, you can place a laundry room and linen closet within to have more convenient storage furniture in your bathroom.

5 Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Your bathroom is a perfect place to clean your body; however, ironically, your bathroom is a part of your home that is the easiest to become dirty. Your bathroom is always wet even if you have divided your bathroom into a wet part and a splash-free part. Any wet places are easy to become dirty. Your bathroom’s high humidity level may attract mold and mildew while grime and dirt often accumulates on corners and areas around your toilet, bathtub and shower unit.


If you don’t clean your bathroom regularly, it will be the nastiest place in your home and you and your family members will be more vulnerable to diseases. If you are aware of how important bathroom cleaning is, you should spare your time to clean it regularly. The following are some easy bathroom cleaning tips that you can follow in order to keep your bathroom everlastingly clean and hygienic.

1. Top down cleaning always works.
If you want to clean your bathroom, you should start from the top before dealing with the bottom. Clean any recessed gaps near the ceiling (usually where bathroom lighting is installed) then move downward to deal with any bathroom fixtures that are fixed to the wall and then areas around the floor. This way, you can save your precious time and energy when cleaning your bathroom because you don’t have to clean the same part of your bathroom twice.

2. Use the right cleaning product.
When performing bathroom cleaning task, you will mostly need to use chemical to get rid of stubborn grime and to disinfect your bathroom. The most common chemicals for cleaning bathroom are ammonia and bleach. Both are similarly powerful and you are free to pick any of the two, provided that you never mix them. Ammonia and bleach should never be mixed and if you use cloth or paper towel to apply the chemical, be sure that you don’t use the same paper towel to apply ammonia and bleach. Protect your hand with gloves and your mouth and nose with mask because the chemical may irritate your skin and its odor can be harmful.

3. Consider using home-based cleaning agent.
If you don’t like to use chemicals, there are actually some home cleaning agents that you can find in your kitchen. Baking soda and vinegar, for instance, can be mixed to sand stubborn grime on floor, wall and other bathroom fixtures. Vinegar is particularly reliable for cleaning ceramic and glass. If you don’t like to use ammonia or bleach, baking soda and vinegar can always be cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternatives. You should remember, though, that home cleaning agents are not very reliable for cleaning a very dirty bathroom and you still need to use powerful chemicals to clean it. Use the natural agents only to clean a mildly or moderately dirty bathroom.

4. Protect your bathroom from hard water.
If hard water flows from your shower heads and faucets, the water will cause serious problem. Hard water contains minerals that will become very sticky when they are in contact with your bathroom fixtures, such as bathtub and sink. The sticky minerals, which obviously look unappealing, are so stubborn that brushing them rarely succeeds in making them disappear. When you are performing bathroom cleaning task, be sure that you check the hardness level of the water and buy an appliance that can be used to eliminate the hard minerals contained in the water. There are two types of such appliance: a descaler is useful for removing the mineral scales and a water softener softens the hard water. Install the appliance on your plumbing system and you don’t have to deal with hard water and unwanted mineral scales anymore.

5. Use mildew eliminator.
Certain chemicals are not capable to get rid of stubborn mold and mildew. If mold and mildew have caused problem in your bathroom, you should use a special mildew eliminator to solve your problem.

Bathroom cleaning will remain easy as long as you keep it as a routine. If you miss a scheduled cleaning task, the next time you clean your bathroom, you will find it harder than usual. Therefore, if you want to make sure that the aforementioned bathroom cleaning tips will work for you, don’t ever skip your cleaning schedule.

The Roads to Have Clean and Fresh Kitchen Tiles

Are you looking for easy ways to clean kitchen tile? Well, you should know that cleaning kitchen tiles are so easy and you do not need to spend much money on it. Kitchen tiles are probably one of the most vulnerable tiles at home since it makes contacts with stuffs like dusts, stains, dirt, spills, and even water.

For tiles, the stores sell many kinds of cleaners. But, you can always choose the ones that are more affordable and less chemical ingredients. Every cleaning process is actually similar. Here are some tips for you to clean kitchen tile at home.

How to clean kitchen tiles?

The first thing that you should definitely consider is that a tile is not grout. In other words, you do not need to scrub it hard. If you have marble tiles, it is recommended for you to use mild soap, special for dishwashing. However, before you apply this dishwashing product; you should do a spot test.

Try to use soft or gentle fabric when you are cleaning your kitchen tiles. Do you know that you can find one of the best cleaning products in your home? Hot or warm water is one of the best options for you, if you want to mop the floor. By doing so, your tiles will look glossy, and shiny.

The mopping also helps to maintain the color of the tiles. Just mix the hot or warm water with the dishwashing product. Remember to avoid using sponge mop, and get the chamois mop. The chamois mop will not let the dirty water stay in the grout lines. This way, you will always have clean lines among the tiles.

Things like spills or tracks should be wiped or cleaned as soon as possible. This way, it won’t leave any mark on the tiles. Other ways to clean kitchen tile is by doing regular maintenance.

Well, the maintenance is actually the most effective and easiest way to take care of the tiles. The maintenance methods include sweeping and mopping the floor regularly, and vacuuming the dust. The three regular ways are effective to get rid of the debris and dust. You won’t see any of it embeds in the tiles.

Many people have proven that a cup of white vinegar mixed with water is a brilliant way to eliminate the stains and odor. Homeowners who have children as well as pets at home should never be worried since the two natural cleaners are chemical free.

For those who have ceramic tiles at home, sometimes it will get discoloration and dinginess due to length of time and the contact with harmful elements or stains. Surely, if it happens to you tiles, your kitchen will look weary and dirty. As prevention to this problem, some experts’ advice homeowners to seal the tiles after they have been install. They can do it every twice a year.

Another amazing way to clean kitchen tile is by applying mild acid, in this case lemon juice. It is highly recommended for people who install ceramic tiles, but not for those who have marble tiles.

When you are cleaning the tiles with this mild acid, you must use dry cloth. Well, it’s easy isn’t it? You can read about mold removal if you have such problem in your kitchen. all the things you need to clean kitchen tile is right in your home. Go ahead and keep the tiles clean!

Seeking for Specific Equipment for Specific Tasks

There are various jobs around the world and these jobs done by many people. Amongst the available jobs, some jobs will require the particular equipment in order to everyone to work properly. The equipment sometimes are considered being very specific and thus will be owned by the company instead of individuals. The specific equipment for particular purposes are not easily acquired or at least, these equipment are not available for most people. The equipment will be sold only to specific people and the distribution is considerably limited. For newbie, finding can take a lot of time.

Fortunately, the existence of websites on the net can truly help. Plenty of manufacturers for particular equipment are offering their specific products there. Some companies those need the dredging equipment from Porter TX or from other sources may want to get the high quality ones and they certainly can get what they want. It takes a little bit of time to properly check on the offered products. It’s important to know the real purpose of acquiring particular equipment and then know the best equipment to be purchased from the shops or manufacturers. In order to get the precisely wanted items, some companies will wait and do thorough research.

Dredging equipment from Porter TX as well as the other similar equipment from the different sellers and even manufacturers will be needed from time to time. Sometimes, the brand new ones are not the desired ones. Sometime the ones already used for a while are the ones expected maybe not as the primary option but rather the secondary option when the first options cannot be acquired. As the equipment will serve particular purposes and very specific, it’s always wise to do the thorough research and make sure that the equipment will be truly good and one company won’t be wasting their money.

8 Must Have Tools for DIY Decorating Enthusiasts

Having proper tools for DIY decorating is a must for all DIY enthusiasts. Every time you think there is something that needs fixing or improvement, you only need to grab your toolbox and do the job by yourself. Every tool definitely will help. But some are basics and most important than the others. Here are some tools that a decorating enthusiast cannot leave without.

Heavy Duty Utility Knife

Utility knife is a better DIY tool than ordinary knife. Utility knife is retractable so it is absolutely safer. You can also replace the blade if it breaks or if it is not sharp anymore. To do DIY project, it is best if you choose heavy duty utility knife because it is more versatile. Not only it can cut thin paper, fabric or wallpaper, but you can also use it to cut tougher objects like boxes.


The function is obvious and it is definitely one of the most important tools for decorating project. Make sure your hammer has a claw on the other hand to help you taking out unneeded nails. For DIY project, 16 ounce hammer is perfect because it is not too heavy but it can make a good blow in the same time.


This is a must have on your toolbox. Make sure you prepare several screwdrivers with different bits to deal with different type of slots. Flathead, cross headed as well as electrical detection screwdriver are the most essentials.


You can never go wrong with a nice level on your hand. This simple tool will make sure that the painting you put and the furniture you make are straight. With vertical and horizontal guidelines, the positioning of your ornaments will definitely be perfect.

Hand Saw

Another important thing in the list of tools for DIY decorating is hand saw. If your project only involves simple cutting, hand saw will be adequate. It is also very safe compared to other electrical saw. But if you need to cut something big with more complicated shapes, you may consider using other types of saw such as jigsaw or table saw.


If you want to do your project faster, you will need some help from a drill. If your house has concrete walls or if you need to hang something on a ceramic wall, you can’t use a simple hammer to nail something on the wall. A drill will do the job faster with less effort.

Safety Glasses and Gloves

DIY project is not dangerous but you can still get hurt from it. Therefore, protecting yourself is a must, especially your eyes and your hands. It becomes more important when you are dealing with saw and woods since the wood dust can hurt your eyes.


Last but not least, you can’t leave flashlight from this list. Flashlight will be useful if you do a DIY job in a less visible space or when you are dealing with emergencies. Add a flashlight in your list of essential tools for decorating or redecorating project and you definitely can work better.