Сontemporary Bath – a Combination of Use and Enjoyment


Are there any bathroom fixtures more elegant than freestanding whirlpool bathtubs? Not only are they a slice of relaxation heaven installed right in your bathroom, but freestanding whirlpool bathtubs are also beautifully designed additions to any home. And since you spend so much time in the bathroom, why not make your bathtub bold, beautiful and inviting? All in all, freestanding air bathtubs are a great option when you want to upgrade your washroom.

Visual appeal: Freestanding contemporary bathtubs aren’t shy bathroom fixtures. They’re elegant and bold with their thoughtful, sculptural features. Freestanding air bathtubs are designed to be visually appealing; you can’t help but to notice them when you walk through the door.

Ease your pain: The high pressure of the jets in freestanding contemporary bathtubs make for a great water massage, otherwise known as hydrotherapy. You can also put your feet in front of the jets for a reflexology massage.

Improves blood circulation: Poor circulation is often a cause of restricted blood vessels. When you sit in a freestanding contemporary bathtub, the heat transfers to your body and relaxes the blood vessels. Improved blood circulation can help your body to heal injuries faster, and also remedies cold extremities.

Melt away stress: Though stress is a natural reaction to threats and danger, frequent stress can cause pain, poor digestive problems, poor immune function, and even life threatening events like heart attacks. Contemporary freestanding bathtubs are a practical way to combat stress day after day. The warm water and massaging action of freestanding contemporary bathtubs work together to help ease any stressful feelings you have.

Three features of freestanding whirlpool bathtubs work together to make them so effective and enjoyable:

Heat: The heated water in the tub raises your own body temperature, thus relaxing restricted blood vessels and allowing your blood to circulate better.

Buoyancy: Buoyancy acts as a counter balance to gravity, which is useful in taking the strain off of your muscles and joints. This can be a very welcomed relief.

Massage effect: This aspect is unique to whirlpool bathtubs. Steady streams of air force water through the jets of the bathtub, which gently puts pressure on your body. This gentle massage effect can ease pain and relax muscles. The massaging action can be as light or intense as you want it to be.

Athletic Uses As an example of just how effective hydrotherapy is, freestanding whirlpool bathtubs are often employed in sports medicine.Whenever an athlete has an injury that could possibly keep them from performing, soaking in a hydrotherapy tub aids in the healing process. The heat of the water helps blood to circulate to the injury site, thus encouraging the site to heal. The water jets of the freestanding whirlpool tub also massages the injured area, further encouraging blood circulation. The hydrotherapy process also reduces pain that would otherwise keep the athlete on the sidelines.

As you can see, freestanding contemporary bathtubs Aquatica are the perfect combination of asthetic appeal and practicality. When you purchase an air tub, you’re purchasing an investment in your home and in yourself.

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