8 Must Have Tools for DIY Decorating Enthusiasts

Having proper tools for DIY decorating is a must for all DIY enthusiasts. Every time you think there is something that needs fixing or improvement, you only need to grab your toolbox and do the job by yourself. Every tool definitely will help. But some are basics and most important than the others. Here are some tools that a decorating enthusiast cannot leave without.

Heavy Duty Utility Knife

Utility knife is a better DIY tool than ordinary knife. Utility knife is retractable so it is absolutely safer. You can also replace the blade if it breaks or if it is not sharp anymore. To do DIY project, it is best if you choose heavy duty utility knife because it is more versatile. Not only it can cut thin paper, fabric or wallpaper, but you can also use it to cut tougher objects like boxes.


The function is obvious and it is definitely one of the most important tools for decorating project. Make sure your hammer has a claw on the other hand to help you taking out unneeded nails. For DIY project, 16 ounce hammer is perfect because it is not too heavy but it can make a good blow in the same time.


This is a must have on your toolbox. Make sure you prepare several screwdrivers with different bits to deal with different type of slots. Flathead, cross headed as well as electrical detection screwdriver are the most essentials.


You can never go wrong with a nice level on your hand. This simple tool will make sure that the painting you put and the furniture you make are straight. With vertical and horizontal guidelines, the positioning of your ornaments will definitely be perfect.

Hand Saw

Another important thing in the list of tools for DIY decorating is hand saw. If your project only involves simple cutting, hand saw will be adequate. It is also very safe compared to other electrical saw. But if you need to cut something big with more complicated shapes, you may consider using other types of saw such as jigsaw or table saw.


If you want to do your project faster, you will need some help from a drill. If your house has concrete walls or if you need to hang something on a ceramic wall, you can’t use a simple hammer to nail something on the wall. A drill will do the job faster with less effort.

Safety Glasses and Gloves

DIY project is not dangerous but you can still get hurt from it. Therefore, protecting yourself is a must, especially your eyes and your hands. It becomes more important when you are dealing with saw and woods since the wood dust can hurt your eyes.


Last but not least, you can’t leave flashlight from this list. Flashlight will be useful if you do a DIY job in a less visible space or when you are dealing with emergencies. Add a flashlight in your list of essential tools for decorating or redecorating project and you definitely can work better.

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