Beni Ourain Rugs: Not Just a Trend

Beni Ourain rugs may just seem like a trend, but the reality couldn’t be further from that. These handcrafted Berber rugs have been tradition in North Africa for thousands of enriching and productive years now. They’re indispensable components of the culture of the Berber tribal peoples who inhabit northern regions of Africa. If you want to focus on home design elements that are meaningful and evocative, it may be the right time for you to put your attention on a Beni Ourain rug. People frequently refer to these floor coverings as ‘Moroccan Berber rugs’ as well.

Berber rugs are spectacular. Anyone can see that. They offer a lot more to people than physical beauty, however. That’s because they also offer many functional advantages. They’re extremely warm, to be specific. They’re also smooth, soft and luxurious in feel. If you want to give your feet a break from floors that have tough and unpleasant surfaces and textures, you should give them to chance to walk directly over a nice Beni Ourain rug. Standing on a Moroccan Berber rug is an experience that essentially has no peers. These rugs genuinely feel like silk. They also have impressive insulation perks. If you’re always on the lookout for interior design additions that can make your residence feel warmer and more comfortable, you may thank your lucky stars that Beni Ourain rugs are now so widely available. These rugs make it a lot easier for many people everywhere to tolerate frosty wintertime temperatures.

These rugs are a sight for sore eyes. They feature geometric patterns and designs that are extraordinarily pleasing and interesting. They also feature understated colours that can work well in all varieties of interior design schemes. Since these rugs don’t make use of strong colors, they tend to blend in well. If you have a living room that’s full of deep brown, beige and cream tones, bringing a Berber rug into the mix can be a great choice. If you have a family room that’s full of more striking and conspicuous colours such as red, purple, orange or yellow, bringing a Berber rug in could contribute to some pleasant contrast. It could also tone things down a bit.

Berber rugs feel so wonderful that people often don’t realise just how strong they are. Strength is one of their biggest selling points, however. People who want to buy floor coverings that can accommodate significant foot traffic often opt for these tribal rugs. These rugs don’t usually deteriorate easily. That’s why they’re commonly spotted in many households that have small children. If you have a small child who likes to run around all afternoon and who tends to spill everything he eats and drinks, a Berber rug won’t fill you with constant worries and concerns. Cleaning these rugs is typically simple and quick. These coverings aren’t susceptible to stains in general, either. They can offer a lot of comfort to parents who have to juggle many different responsibilities and duties all of the time.

Beni Ourain rugs are extremely useful. People can put them on display regardless of their specific home decoration styles. If your home has a traditional country feel, you can go for a Beni Ourain rug; if it has a more modern or futuristic vibe, you can do so as well. Click here to learn more about Beni Ourain rugs.

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