Simple Steps for Charcoal and Gas Grill Cleaning

If you have charcoal and gas grill, you have to know about charcoal and gas grill cleaning. Having charcoal or gas grill really makes you easy to do barbeque event or grill foods that you want, but you have to remember that your charcoal and gas grill need good maintenance and should be cleaned periodically to make it durable and useful. For you who want to know the right steps for cleaning charcoal or gas grill, here the details information for you.


  • Cleaning Charcoal Grill

There are so many people who have charcoal grill in their home, but they don’t know the right time for cleaning it. Charcoal grill should be cleaned once in grilling season, or even it should be cleaned twice when you often use that grill.

Charcoal grill is not only found in home, but there are also public charcoal grill in park or campsite. You have to clean it before using it for grilling, because you don’t know who used it and how long it didn’t use. So, here the tips for you for cleaning your charcoal grill.


Before cleaning a charcoal grill, you have to prepare some tools that will you need for cleaning it. The tools you have to prepare are grill brush or cleaning brush, plastic bag, aluminum foil, bristle brush, and fork.


After preparing the tools, you can follow the steps below:

1. You can gather all tools in one place to make you easy when cleaning charcoal grill.

2. Remove the grill grate, and clean it by using grill brush or other cleaning brush. Clean it until you are sure that the grill grate is clean and comfortable to be used for grilling in the next time. After cleaning it, you can clean the charcoal grate. It is also cleaned by using grill brush or other cleaning brush.

3. Clean the bottom of the grill. You can brush it to make it clean and free from carbon or other materials. But if you want to clean public charcoal grill, you can put your hand on the plastic bag, then clean it by using your hand. It will make you easy to clean the bottom of the grill. If there is so much carbon in the lid, you can use bristle brush to remove it.

4. Clean the ash catcher. Brush or wipe it until the ash doesn’t remain in the ash catcher.

5. Put all the component of grill together. Then, you can use the charcoal grill comfortably.

  • Cleaning Gas Grill

Now you have known the simple tips for cleaning charcoal grill. After it, let’s we learn how to clean gas charcoal. Here the steps you can follow for cleaning your gas grill:


Before start cleaning your gas grill, you have to prepare some tools to make you easy when cleaning it. The tools you have to prepare are grill brush, gloves, bristle brush, paper towels, soap and water.


After collecting all tools you need, here the steps you have to follow:

1. Before cleaning the gas grill, you have to make sure that the gas supply has been turned off.

2. Remove the grill grate. Then, you can clean it by using grill brush or other cleaning brush.

3. Clean anything that covers the burners. You can remove ceramic briquettes, lave stones or v-shaped metal bars that cover the burners, then clean it all by using grill brush.

4. Clean the burner tubes. You have to make sure that all the gas ports are open and clean.

5. Clean the bottom part of grill. Make sure that all debris has been removed from the bottom of the grill. If you find peeling black paint in the lid, you can use bristle brush to clean the carbon flakes.

6. Use soap for cleaning grease collection tray.

7. Use soap and water for cleaning the outside of gas grill

8. Put the grill elements back together, and your gas grill is ready to be used comfortably.

Those are some tips for you to clean your charcoal or gas grill. The tips above are very easy and simple to try, so you can follow the tips above to clean your charcoal or gas grill. Remember that your grill should be clean before used for grilling. Finally, hopefully the information about gas and charcoal grill cleaning above will be useful for you.

Instantly Kicking the Bug Out: How to Find the Best Screen Door?

Are you currently looking for hands free magnetic mesh screen door? What is it that motivates you to have one? Well, most people would agree if flies and mosquitoes, or any other bugs can practically disturb their weekend summer with the family. When the BBQ has been planned to be served, and when all the veggies, fruits, lemonades, and meats are all there, who can even say no to kick the bug away from the situation?

But the problem is, so many of them would have also agreed on hiring so called people to install the precious yet pricey door with framed screen!

Learning from that situation, it will be better for us to once in for all consider about installing an affordable hands free magnetic screen door. There are particularly some benefits and those benefits will do good during the summer or any other season that can require the bugs and invite them to come over, without having the freshness of air lost. If that does sound tempting, then we have to know what kind of company do we need to look up and what are the criteria of the product that we can rely on while we compare and choose the best one.

Okay, so first, we need to know and realize that convenient is a number one priority for our family, correct? So to reach the purpose, one needs to be aware that a professional service from the product to kick the bug off would be very helpful.

Make sure that they are experienced and that their product is worth a shot; so material would be number one thing to see. Make sure also the products are available in different sizes so you can manage to suit them into your door. Most importantly, do they guarantee the money you give them will be back once when you are not satisfied with the product? Oh, think twice. Always find the best for the beloved ones.

The Roads to Have Clean and Fresh Kitchen Tiles

Are you looking for easy ways to clean kitchen tile? Well, you should know that cleaning kitchen tiles are so easy and you do not need to spend much money on it. Kitchen tiles are probably one of the most vulnerable tiles at home since it makes contacts with stuffs like dusts, stains, dirt, spills, and even water.

For tiles, the stores sell many kinds of cleaners. But, you can always choose the ones that are more affordable and less chemical ingredients. Every cleaning process is actually similar. Here are some tips for you to clean kitchen tile at home.

How to clean kitchen tiles?

The first thing that you should definitely consider is that a tile is not grout. In other words, you do not need to scrub it hard. If you have marble tiles, it is recommended for you to use mild soap, special for dishwashing. However, before you apply this dishwashing product; you should do a spot test.

Try to use soft or gentle fabric when you are cleaning your kitchen tiles. Do you know that you can find one of the best cleaning products in your home? Hot or warm water is one of the best options for you, if you want to mop the floor. By doing so, your tiles will look glossy, and shiny.

The mopping also helps to maintain the color of the tiles. Just mix the hot or warm water with the dishwashing product. Remember to avoid using sponge mop, and get the chamois mop. The chamois mop will not let the dirty water stay in the grout lines. This way, you will always have clean lines among the tiles.

Things like spills or tracks should be wiped or cleaned as soon as possible. This way, it won’t leave any mark on the tiles. Other ways to clean kitchen tile is by doing regular maintenance.

Well, the maintenance is actually the most effective and easiest way to take care of the tiles. The maintenance methods include sweeping and mopping the floor regularly, and vacuuming the dust. The three regular ways are effective to get rid of the debris and dust. You won’t see any of it embeds in the tiles.

Many people have proven that a cup of white vinegar mixed with water is a brilliant way to eliminate the stains and odor. Homeowners who have children as well as pets at home should never be worried since the two natural cleaners are chemical free.

For those who have ceramic tiles at home, sometimes it will get discoloration and dinginess due to length of time and the contact with harmful elements or stains. Surely, if it happens to you tiles, your kitchen will look weary and dirty. As prevention to this problem, some experts’ advice homeowners to seal the tiles after they have been install. They can do it every twice a year.

Another amazing way to clean kitchen tile is by applying mild acid, in this case lemon juice. It is highly recommended for people who install ceramic tiles, but not for those who have marble tiles.

When you are cleaning the tiles with this mild acid, you must use dry cloth. Well, it’s easy isn’t it? You can read about mold removal if you have such problem in your kitchen. all the things you need to clean kitchen tile is right in your home. Go ahead and keep the tiles clean!