The Way to Clean Your Oven and Washing Machine

washing machine & oven

The cleanliness of your kitchen, especially your oven is something which you should put as priority since it’s straightly related to the health of your family member. Kitchen is the place where mold, germs and bacteria will easily stay and ever since the tools and utensils in the kitchen will be used to serve dishes and beverages which come to your mouth, you sure don’t want to ruin your digestive and immunity system at a time.

It also does the same with washing machine. As washing machine has a direct contact with the clothes that touch your skin, if it’s dirty, it may bring serious allergy and irritation to your skin. Hence, having it clean regularly is also a must. Here are the tips for oven and washing machine cleaning which you can practice at home.

Tips on Oven Cleaning

You can’t avoid having drips and spatters in your oven. All you are in power is cleaning the oven regularly from the all the dirt. However, you may have no time to clean it so often until you realize that your oven has looked so awful covered with spatters and drips. By the case, you can tackle it by following these tips on oven cleaning.

– Remove the racks. First of all, take out the racks from the oven, even if you turn on the self-cleaning function on your oven. The heat during the process that you use your oven can still bring damage to your racks.

– Soak it up. After you take out the racks, immerse it in the dishwashing liquid for some hours/ after that, you can cleanse it using scouring pad and rinse it with clean water. You can put it back to the oven when it’s completely been dry. If the stains are too thick and hard to get rid of, you can apply baking soda to clean the rack. However, as baking soda has the ability to discolor aluminum, you should only use it on stainless steel racks.

– Wipe the oven Door. The last step on oven washing process is wiping its door. Here you should first make a mixture of water and white vinegar with equal part for both ingredients. After that, you can wipe up the door using that mixture and a soft or microfiber cloth. Here you should always remember as well to not get the gasket wet!

Tips on Washing Machine Cleaning

Our washing machine has to deal with many obnoxious smells and also dirt. By having washing machine cleaning once a month, you can keep your clothes cleaner as well. Here are the tips to get it well-cleaned.

– Mix 2 cups vinegar, ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup water in a bowl. This mixture will work as a detergent for the washing machine cleaning process.

– Pour the mixture in the detergent container of your washing machine and also put vinegar into the washing machine’s drum.

– Set the washer for the hottest water and normal load.

– Close the washing machine’s door and start it up. Here, the vinegar and the baking soda mixture will naturally break down the mineral dumps and molds which grow during the washing machine cleaning and refreshing process. At this point, you can just sit leisurely and let the work done by the washing machine itself. Sounds great, right?

– Scrub the door of your washing machine using a clean scrubber to remove any stubborn residue and mold.

– Finish the washing machine cleaning process by wiping the opening with fresh water.

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Top 5 Benefits of Microfiber Cloths for House Cleaning

The idea of using microfiber cloths to clean the house has become more and more popular these days. Many people find it even more effective and beneficial. We are used to the common cloth so we must be wonder about the difference among them.

The following benefits should define why this cleaning cloth is different.

Improve Cleaning Power
Unlike the common cloth, microfiber cloths can clean a lot better. Let’s see it in an example. Cotton mop is usually big enough. It should sweep larger area at once, but it can’t reach smaller details. Meanwhile, this kind of cloth enables you to reach even the smallest pores as well as crevices a lot easier.

Beside being effective, this cloth also allows you to execute deep cleansing. The result is you clean better. It should provide even better environment for your health.

Chemical and Water Usage Reduced
This particular cleaning cloth is not only effective but contributing positively to the environment. This cloth needs 20 times lesser water than the common cloth we always use. It means we can also reduce procurement budget. In addition to it, only very few of this cloth application will require chemical or cleaning solution liquids.

So it means we can reduce the budget and the extended risks of using those chemicals. It is very safe.

Improve Productivity
Using this kind of cloth, we practically eliminate several steps. When mopping with this, we don’t need to change the cleaning liquid or chemicals. We only need to change it if we put back the head of the mop in the liquid. In addition to it, we no longer need to dip and wring the mop all over again between tasks.

Thus, we can finish the work faster and better with less resources needed for it. This is a significant point we should look after.

Cross Contamination Reduced
Cross contamination used to be a case we would easily found in healthcare sites like hospitals ad clinics. To reduce the risk, cleaning service were required to change the cleaning solution and mop between patient rooms. This was a lot of work during the times.

However, since this particular cleaning cloth was introduced, healthcare services use the material. It allows them to provide ultimate cleanliness between patients’ rooms without the need to do too many works in the process.

Worker Injury Risk Reduced
Being more effective in cleaning, worker doesn’t need to do specific actions or pose particular position to clean. It is helpful in reducing risk of injury during work. In addition to it, microfiber cloths weight lighter than the regular mop material. It means worker can use them a lot easier too. This material is ergonomic in this way.

From the explanation above, we find out that this cloth is so much better than the usual cloth we always use. If you are after something like this to keep the house clean, you may need to change your choice. These microfiber cloths should make the best choice for cleaning cloth.