Energy Bill Saving Tips for This Winter

Many Game of Thrones lovers may be familiar with one of the leads said on the last season’s finale: “Winter is coming” while it got you excited at the time, most likely it would then remind you of the dreaded reality – the fact that winter was, indeed, coming and so the vision of heating system flashed before your eyes.

Some people just simply hate winter for the icy cold weather, but to others it is more of the fact that winter does not only bring the extremely cold weather but also the rising heating bills. However, there are actually a way around it. Simply because bringing heat into the comfort of your home during the winter season does not necessarily mean you should also burning a hole in your pocket in the aftermath.

True, the use of heating system may blow up your energy bills, but you know what? It does not have to be. We have compiled a few valuable tips to save bill on heating system for you!

  • Make threshold adjustments

Inspecting every inch of your house before the winter season is the first thing every homeowner should do. By inspecting your house you will find out if there are problem areas you must fix because whether you believe it or not, finding out these problems long before the winter hits the town will make it possible for you to fix it and that will significantly shrink your energy bills.

How so? Take your door thresholds for example. If your door does not directly touch the threshold, you will most likely lose the indoor air you have paid with your hard-earned money to heat your room – as a result the air along with the heat will through the opening or gap.

The easiest way to find out whether you need to make an adjustment is by closely looking at the position of your door. Are you able to notice or see the daylight from right under your door? If you can, then you are at risk.

To adjust it, you only have to turn (typically counterclock-wise) the screws that are placed in the thresholds and adjust the height of your door. To eliminate the opening or gap, you only have to adjust it until you cannot see the daylight from under it – although you must remember that you shouldn’t lower it to the point it drags every time you open or close the door. Else you are at risk of ruining its weatherstripping.

  • Portable heater is a lifesaver

Purchasing a space heater is actually one of the way you can reduce bout 3% of your energy bills. Simply turn down the temperature of your furnace when the whole family members gather in the same room, for example a living room, and use the space heater instead.

The rest of your house may be a tad cooler than the room you and your family members are in, but you can easily turn the furnace temperature back up anytime. It may not be significant, but when you do this over and over throughout the winter months, the difference is noticeable.

  • Plastic film is your best friend

With about $6 for the 62” x 84” plastic film, you may prevent the heat from escaping through your windows as well as patio doors. Not only is the plastic film extremely easy to put on and take off once the spring rolls in, it has been proven to be able to help homeowners to knock down about 14% of their heating bills.

  • Avoid your hot water and money go down the drain

Water heating is known to make up as big as 12% portion of your utility bill, which is why those who are looking to cut down their energy bills especially during the winter must take this into account. While modern water heater works wonderfully, not everyone can afford to purchase a new one, you can still do the steps below to save up:

o Insulate a few feet of the pipes that are connected to your heater

o Install timer that allows you to automatically turn the heater off when you’re not using it.

o Install heat trap on the tank of your water heater – you may need a professional to help you with the installment but it’s well worth the fee.

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