Having Clean Stoves to Preserve Environment

Having clean stoves in our kitchen that work incredibly well is the smartest thing to do. Not only this will make us cook and heat foods efficiently but also this will help preserve our environment. Many people out there cook and heat their food with ineffective stoves.


They even burn tubers, fishes, meats, animal dung, charcoal, coal, wood, etc in open fires. This really will leave the earth deforestation, air pollution, climate changes, and other environmental problems.

Obviously, we need to have efficient stoves in a good condition that is able to reduce at least 30-60 percent of fuel. The most modern cook stoves can reduce 50-90 percent of black carbon emission.

It is up to us to choose any kinds of stoves for cooking, but at least we know that we can help preserve our environment, so this knowledge will make us choose the one in good quality that can save energy.

If you have already had stoves in your kitchen and it seems uneasy now for you to replace them, you don’t have to worry since you always can make your stoves “green”. Here are the ways:

How to make your stoves go green:

· Remodeling your old kitchen is a green option, but you need to upgrade and replace it later on.

· Cleaning your stoves will preserve the environment as well, so do it regularly. By the way, you might be looking for the tips to clean your grill.

· Using oven for cooking more than one thing all at once.

· Using the correct size of pots when cooking on the stove is wise, since it will save energy. Don’t forget that you should have close-fit lids for your pots and pans since these lids will help reduce cooking time.

· Having kitchen utensils, cookware, and tools in a good condition is great in preserving your stoves. Don’t hesitate to get rid of them and replace them with the new ones. How can you reduce energy if the back of the pan you use for cooking is full of dirt or it is burnt?

· Whether you use electricity or gas for your stoves, you can’t waste energy. So be wise with the two of them. You know that those two have negative impact to environment as well.

It is mentioned above that cleaning our stoves also is a kind of preserving environment. So weed to clean our stoves regularly and properly. Cleaning will prevent the stoves from damaging easily. Take a look at the tips to clean stoves below.

How to clean stoves in general:

First of all, you have to turn off the gas or disconnect the electricity. Next, remove the knobs, handles, drip pans, racks, and gas burners. However if you clean the electric stoves, you cannot remove the burners.

After removing all of the pieces, put them in a big bag and pour them with ammonia. Then seal the bag and let it be for about 24 hours. Clean the oven with a special solution you can buy at local home improving stores.

Apply the solution to the oven thoroughly and slowly with your hands wrapped by hand gloves. Then, let it be for some time, and with a sponge wipe the oven from the back part to the front part slowly. Soak and rinse the sponge between wipes.

If it is possible you can use scrubber to clean any hard crud in the oven or under the top of the stoves. And then, remove the spots especially the hard one with degreaser sprayer that is left for recommended time first.

The next day, you can have warm soapy water to soak the stove pieces for a moment and rinse them with cold water. Next, let them dry. Finally you can gather all the pieces and reassemble them properly and connect the stoves again with the gas or electricity.

When you need to buy clean stoves since the old ones are not too easy to clean anymore, you may need guidance. Stoves come variously, right? Guidance will prevent you from confusion. Here is the guidance:

· Know what you need. For example, if you do a lot of baking you will probably need dual range ovens. So, knowing your need is a must.

· Have enough money.

· Know general kinds of stoves, there are:

1. Gas stove which is very popular for its economy.

2. Glass ceramic cook-top which is very popular because it is great in appearance and it is also very easy to clean.

3. Induction cook-top. This is also good in appearance and there is no flame in it. However, it usually consumes high electricity.

4. Electric coil. Many people like this kind of stove since it will prevent them from the cause of gas leaking. It consumes high electricity though.

It is all up to you to choose any kind of stoves, as long as you clean them properly and regularly. Having clean and efficient stoves is a kind of preserving environment, remember? It is great if the article about clean stoves can broaden your knowledge.

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