Options of Shingle Roofing

There are several options of roofing can be chosen. Flat roof is good for extra space at the top of building. Other options are available and of them is the shingle roofing. This is a very common type of roofing found in many places. This is a kind of roof where there will be shingles overlapping each other. Shingles are individual roofing materials those can be made from a variety of materials. There are around five types of shingles for roofing and each one of them will have pros and cons.

• Asphalt Shingles – This is probably the most common type of shingles for shingle roofing. It’s because the roof is inexpensive. Aside of that, these shingles covered in asphalt might even meet the Energy Star standards and this becomes the real good news for some people. The roof will be cool and that’s a great thing. Being inexpensive, these shingles will only last for approximately 20 to 30 years.

• Metal Roof Shingles – This is the kind of shingle roofing for a home with flat or the steep roofline. The shingles might be made of the constructed metal shingles or even the solid metal. The low end galvanized metal shingles are known to be relatively inexpensive. Despite being very affordable, the roof will last for approximately 50 years. This type of roof has become more and more popular due to the affordability as well as the longevity.

• Slate Shingles – This is a very popular type of shingle roofing in the northeastern part of United States. It’s all because the materials of these shingles quarried from that part of the US. These shingles are known to be very durable and rivaling the metal shingles for being able to last for around 50 years. This type of shingles is expensive. If the homeowner doesn’t have enough money to afford this roofing, he can choose the synthetic type of slate shingles that can be chosen as well.

• Tile Shingles – This shingle roofing is considered as unique due to its appearance. This type of shingles is also known to be very expensive but also highly durable. It lasts even longer than the metal roof or the slate roof. Tile shingles will last for about 80 years. That’s amazing to be known. If a homeowner wishes to get this one particular roof, he will need to consider his home structure. These shingles are heavy. This is why the construction of home needs to be strong if not, the roof will certainly crumble.

• Wooden Shingles – The ones made of woods are good enough to be used. It will be durable enough to last for years. The shingle roofing will be more expensive compare to the asphalt shingle. These are more appealing aesthetically and will give the more natural presence. Shingles made of hardwood like redwood or cedar will be able to last for a long time. It will at least last for about 30 years. Sometimes, the roof will be able to last for about 50 years.

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