Simple Chic Bathroom Accessories You Can Use for Improvement

Chic bathroom accessories can be a good option to improve your bathroom. It is a good option because you can improve your bathroom in simple way. Later, you can see a significant result after the improvement. You can use the bathroom more comfortable than before.


There are several accessories you can consider before improving your bathroom into chic bathroom.

  • Mirror

To create chic bathroom, you can consider putting a mirror. Just hang the mirror in the best spot so you can use it before and after taking a bath. You can use medium or large size of mirror for your bathroom.

It is also good for you to use a bold mirror as one of chic bathroom accessories. If you love to use frame for your bathroom mirror, just make sure that you take a frame which can make the mirror looks stunning. For example, you can apply driftwood design as the frame of the mirror. It is simple but driftwood design makes significant impact to the mirror.

  • Painting of the Wall

Mirror is not only the accessory you can use to create chic bathroom. Playing with the painting of the wall is also a good way to improve your bathroom. You don’t have to choose bright colors. Just combine two neutral colors such as white and brown.

You can take the white for the top part of the wall and brown for the bottom of the wall. This combination looks simple but again it brings chic atmosphere into your bathroom.

  • Baskets for Storage

It is important to keep your chic bathroom tidy and clean. Because of that, the next accessory you should put in the bathroom is basket. To support your chic bathroom improvement, you can put rattan basket.

Rattan or bamboo basket is a good option because it has unique texture and color. It will be great to combine such kind of basket with your chic bathroom. Later, you can use it to manage your dirty clothes and towels.

It seems that you also give artistic sense in your bathroom. Just try it and feel the different.

  • Sink

Sink is a primary accessory for bathroom. Nowadays, there are hundreds of sink designs available. To create chic bathroom, try to take modern design sink. What makes modern sink is perfect chic bathroom accessory is because it has simple design. Moreover, it looks clean and crisp so you can really create tidy and comfortable bathroom.

  • Tub or shower

White tub is always a good option to create chic bathroom. What you need to consider before putting a tub is the size. If you have a small bathroom, it will be better for you to use small tub and vice versa. The idea is to create spacious bathroom with chic theme.

Having small chic bathroom is possible and the key is finding the right size of bathtub. On the other hand, if you don’t want to put tub, you just change it with shower. You will have an open space in your bathroom and it makes you have larger chic bathroom than the actual size.

  • Additional Unique Accessories

To make your chic bathroom complete, you can just think to add unique accessory. For example, you can add a rug in your bathroom. It seems uncommon to use rug in a bathroom and you can try it. Just put it in a dry area and it gives different sensation in your bathroom.

Moreover, you can also try to add stump tool made of wood. It is also a unique accessory to make your chic bathroom perfect. This simple change creates warm and make your bathroom looks natural. It gives the sense of relaxation just like take a bath in spa.

One more thing is by adding out of the box accessories. Let say, you can find blank space in your bathroom. Wall is always working with this kind of improvement. Just try to write a message or your favorite quote in mosaic tiles. In fact, it is not only working for bedroom but also your chic bathroom.

From this article, you know that creating a chic bathroom is easy and fun to do. Just choose several chic bathroom accessories above and feel the different before and after the improvement.

Definitely, you can add more chic bathroom accessories as long as it makes your bathroom clean, comfortable, cozy, tidy, and has more function.

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