Some Tips for DIY Drain Cleaning

As the name suggest, drain cleaning is important to eliminate clogs within the plumbing. Without appropriate knowledge, cleaning a drain in your house could be infuriating experience. If the drain tends to be clogged whether it’s bathroom drain, floor or sink, in fact, there are some simple steps you can take to eliminate those clogs without having to call a plumber. Following are tips you can copy to clean your drain wherever it is.

Always wearing protective gear

Whether you are using a snake or chemical drain cleanser, you have to make sure to always cover your skin and also protect your face. It’s recommended to wear a facemask, safety goggles and sturdy rubber gloves. Since drain cleaning could be messy, avoid coming into contact with any dangerous chemicals or debris that can cause damage to your health.

Using baking soda

Never underestimate about baking soda’s power, particularly if you want to remove from pouring chemical drain cleaner. For your blocked drain in sink, pour a cup of baking soda into it and the pour a jar of hot water. When the water has drained, pour another hot water within the drain. Run cold water for about few minutes to rinse out the drain. It’s such a safe and an inexpensive solution that can keep your drain from any clog as well as eliminating some odor inside your sink. You can also add vinegar along with the baking soda and hot water. Those ingredients will re-act one another to eliminate any blockage without giving permanent damage to your plumbing system.

Mechanical snake

Rent or purchase a mechanical snake to flush drains of unnecessary clogs. Strand the mechanical snake down into any clogged drain to manually force out the clog and then clean the drain. You are able to use it with a hose to clear out any clogs from your house’s main drain to the sewer. Strand the snake into the pipe, and then take it out when the clog is pushed, insert the hose with full blast water afterward.

Using a plunger

Toilets, showers, baths and sinks can be unclogged by using a plunger. With approximately an inch of water inside the basin, place the plunger above the drain. Round it up and down for few minutes and then discharge. The suction will eventually divide the clog as well. Repeat this drain cleaning action as necessary.

Drain cleaner solution

Purchase a drain cleaner at your local store for some clogs you cannot eliminate with a plunger. Make sure to read all information available on the products which are made for particular drains. In addition, some chemical cleaners are able to break garbage disposals or plastic pipes which are installed inside your kitchen sinks. Take into account that chemical cleaner can damage your plumbing many years to come.

Brine solution

Pour down very strong salt water or commonly called brine into the sink to remove odors. This solution is great for your kitchen sink since it can keep all grease from increasing within the drains after cleaning dishes after having dinner. It’s such a great trick of drain cleaning to prevent clogged drain from occurring in the first place, that can definitely save more money.

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