5 Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Your bathroom is a perfect place to clean your body; however, ironically, your bathroom is a part of your home that is the easiest to become dirty. Your bathroom is always wet even if you have divided your bathroom into a wet part and a splash-free part. Any wet places are easy to become dirty. Your bathroom’s high humidity level may attract mold and mildew while grime and dirt often accumulates on corners and areas around your toilet, bathtub and shower unit.


If you don’t clean your bathroom regularly, it will be the nastiest place in your home and you and your family members will be more vulnerable to diseases. If you are aware of how important bathroom cleaning is, you should spare your time to clean it regularly. The following are some easy bathroom cleaning tips that you can follow in order to keep your bathroom everlastingly clean and hygienic.

1. Top down cleaning always works.
If you want to clean your bathroom, you should start from the top before dealing with the bottom. Clean any recessed gaps near the ceiling (usually where bathroom lighting is installed) then move downward to deal with any bathroom fixtures that are fixed to the wall and then areas around the floor. This way, you can save your precious time and energy when cleaning your bathroom because you don’t have to clean the same part of your bathroom twice.

2. Use the right cleaning product.
When performing bathroom cleaning task, you will mostly need to use chemical to get rid of stubborn grime and to disinfect your bathroom. The most common chemicals for cleaning bathroom are ammonia and bleach. Both are similarly powerful and you are free to pick any of the two, provided that you never mix them. Ammonia and bleach should never be mixed and if you use cloth or paper towel to apply the chemical, be sure that you don’t use the same paper towel to apply ammonia and bleach. Protect your hand with gloves and your mouth and nose with mask because the chemical may irritate your skin and its odor can be harmful.

3. Consider using home-based cleaning agent.
If you don’t like to use chemicals, there are actually some home cleaning agents that you can find in your kitchen. Baking soda and vinegar, for instance, can be mixed to sand stubborn grime on floor, wall and other bathroom fixtures. Vinegar is particularly reliable for cleaning ceramic and glass. If you don’t like to use ammonia or bleach, baking soda and vinegar can always be cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternatives. You should remember, though, that home cleaning agents are not very reliable for cleaning a very dirty bathroom and you still need to use powerful chemicals to clean it. Use the natural agents only to clean a mildly or moderately dirty bathroom.

4. Protect your bathroom from hard water.
If hard water flows from your shower heads and faucets, the water will cause serious problem. Hard water contains minerals that will become very sticky when they are in contact with your bathroom fixtures, such as bathtub and sink. The sticky minerals, which obviously look unappealing, are so stubborn that brushing them rarely succeeds in making them disappear. When you are performing bathroom cleaning task, be sure that you check the hardness level of the water and buy an appliance that can be used to eliminate the hard minerals contained in the water. There are two types of such appliance: a descaler is useful for removing the mineral scales and a water softener softens the hard water. Install the appliance on your plumbing system and you don’t have to deal with hard water and unwanted mineral scales anymore.

5. Use mildew eliminator.
Certain chemicals are not capable to get rid of stubborn mold and mildew. If mold and mildew have caused problem in your bathroom, you should use a special mildew eliminator to solve your problem.

Bathroom cleaning will remain easy as long as you keep it as a routine. If you miss a scheduled cleaning task, the next time you clean your bathroom, you will find it harder than usual. Therefore, if you want to make sure that the aforementioned bathroom cleaning tips will work for you, don’t ever skip your cleaning schedule.

Cleaning Residue is Our Routine Task

We humans love to do pleasurable things and often prefer to delay the less enjoyable jobs. One of the more unpleasant jobs that we commonly avoid is cleaning up. It might be the basement, garage or attic. The stuff that you find in these places tends to accumulate over the years and at some point, it is utterly necessary to correct the situation and clean up. Things that are still in good condition can be sold or donated to a charity, but probably a lot of the stuff is best classified as junk or trash. You probably have no choice than to get rid of the stuff. Another cleanup job has to be faced after some landscaping work that resulted in heaps of tree branches, shrubs and general debris. One other project that demands removal of trash is cleaning up after a remodeling project. When these are completed, there is often a big heap of debris. An eyesore like this has to be removed quickly.

In all such cases like this, you ought to call on the services of an expert in trash removal. If you want to get professional services, you can call them to do the job. They may offer same-day service and will also schedule a precise time to come to do the pickup. By planning ahead when projects like are set up you don’t have to generate a huge pile. They will rent you a dumpster so the trash can be placed directly into it. When it is full it they’ll come back to get it. All kinds of junk can be removed by the cleaning staffs, including of old appliances like stoves and refrigerators, car and truck parts, an old furnace, anything, really. Call rubbish removal services for an estimate or to get your questions answered about the kind of trash that you want these experts to remove.

Homeowners Need Trustworthy Cleaning Services

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