The Roads to Have Clean and Fresh Kitchen Tiles

Are you looking for easy ways to clean kitchen tile? Well, you should know that cleaning kitchen tiles are so easy and you do not need to spend much money on it. Kitchen tiles are probably one of the most vulnerable tiles at home since it makes contacts with stuffs like dusts, stains, dirt, spills, and even water.

For tiles, the stores sell many kinds of cleaners. But, you can always choose the ones that are more affordable and less chemical ingredients. Every cleaning process is actually similar. Here are some tips for you to clean kitchen tile at home.

How to clean kitchen tiles?

The first thing that you should definitely consider is that a tile is not grout. In other words, you do not need to scrub it hard. If you have marble tiles, it is recommended for you to use mild soap, special for dishwashing. However, before you apply this dishwashing product; you should do a spot test.

Try to use soft or gentle fabric when you are cleaning your kitchen tiles. Do you know that you can find one of the best cleaning products in your home? Hot or warm water is one of the best options for you, if you want to mop the floor. By doing so, your tiles will look glossy, and shiny.

The mopping also helps to maintain the color of the tiles. Just mix the hot or warm water with the dishwashing product. Remember to avoid using sponge mop, and get the chamois mop. The chamois mop will not let the dirty water stay in the grout lines. This way, you will always have clean lines among the tiles.

Things like spills or tracks should be wiped or cleaned as soon as possible. This way, it won’t leave any mark on the tiles. Other ways to clean kitchen tile is by doing regular maintenance.

Well, the maintenance is actually the most effective and easiest way to take care of the tiles. The maintenance methods include sweeping and mopping the floor regularly, and vacuuming the dust. The three regular ways are effective to get rid of the debris and dust. You won’t see any of it embeds in the tiles.

Many people have proven that a cup of white vinegar mixed with water is a brilliant way to eliminate the stains and odor. Homeowners who have children as well as pets at home should never be worried since the two natural cleaners are chemical free.

For those who have ceramic tiles at home, sometimes it will get discoloration and dinginess due to length of time and the contact with harmful elements or stains. Surely, if it happens to you tiles, your kitchen will look weary and dirty. As prevention to this problem, some experts’ advice homeowners to seal the tiles after they have been install. They can do it every twice a year.

Another amazing way to clean kitchen tile is by applying mild acid, in this case lemon juice. It is highly recommended for people who install ceramic tiles, but not for those who have marble tiles.

When you are cleaning the tiles with this mild acid, you must use dry cloth. Well, it’s easy isn’t it? You can read about mold removal if you have such problem in your kitchen. all the things you need to clean kitchen tile is right in your home. Go ahead and keep the tiles clean!

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