The Use of Glass in a Modern and Open Bathroom

The use of glass in bathroom decor has become increasingly popular. As preference toward open-concept interior design becomes widespread, the use of glass whose translucency evokes a sense of openness and airiness becomes favored especially when decorating a bathroom. Outside the bathroom, homeowners can simply remove unnecessary walls and dividers to make the interior of their house more open. In a bathroom, the use of glass instead of opaque wall is more preferred as it still maintains a certain level of privacy. In almost every house that uses open-concept and modern interior design styles, the use of glass is often becomes one of the most essential parts of the design.

There are several types of glass decor that can be installed in a bathroom. A glass screen can be used to divide a bathroom into wet part and splash-free part. This screen is usually installed near a shower unit or a bathtub to prevent water from escaping from the wet part to the dry part. It can be a fixed panel with open door or a panel with sliding or hinged door, which is also made from glass. The glass panel can either be frameless or use metal frame. Different types of metal can be used for the frame, including silver, bronze, stainless steel, brass, and brushed nickel. If there is a shower unit in the bathroom, it may include glass for showers, which is used for both the shower’s door and enclosure. Just like glass panel, glass door and enclosure for shower can also be either with or without frame. A third option, i.e. semi-frameless glass, is also available.

It is possible for homeowners to order custom glass decor with size, shape and other features that have been customized to make it suitable for their bathroom. A company that is specialized in designing custom glass crafts can help them design custom glass decor for their bathroom.

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