What to Keep in Mind when Doing Exterior Painting

Exterior painting plays important role for overall look of your house. Painting the exterior part of the house not only can enliven the home but also can build better impression for those who pass by. The most important thing is that when you do this job in your own, you can cut down the budget.

Doing this job is more time consuming rather than complicated. It commonly requires a couple of weeks or even months to be finished. Even the preparation itself should be done with patient and smart ways. Therefore, you need to know the proper techniques and materials so that you can make the jobs more effective.

Here, some tips that can help you to paint the exterior easier.

  • Choose the perfect time

The season will be the most important factor to consider when you want to save time when painting. Doing the job in the wrong time not only can make it longer to finish but also can affect on the result of painting.

For instance, if you paint it during humid climate, it can cause some problems on the paints such as flakes, bubbles, or cracks. Planning is important and you need to consider about the local weather.

The perfect time for painting the outer part of house is in the dry time during a year when it has both low humidity and level of rain. The paint itself requires time to dry and does not stick perfectly on humid surface.

Hence, you need to do the job when you will get enough sun to dry it out. However, you should avoid too hot days as well. It is since when you choose this time, the paint will dry fast and the result will be more prone to crack.

  • Use Quality Paint

Choosing quality time is pretty essential since it will affect on how long the paint will adhere to the exterior. Paints with good quality will have high durability so that you do not require repainting it in a couple of years to go.

Besides, good quality paint will cover the exterior surfaces perfectly. The technology used in paint industry make a lot of improvements such as creating more options in colors as well as more durable paints than previous products that might ever exist.

You probably like to purchase cheaper paint products in order to cut down the painting trouble. It is quite risky because if you get bad quality of paints you will end up repainting the house and spend more budget than what you have been estimated. Hence, it is quite fine to spend a little more when buying the painting for last longer result or hiring professional services as the options can be good investments for your exterior and interior spaces.

  • Include sanding and cleaning

As what have been stated before that doing exterior painting requires patience and good techniques. It is no surprising if you need time to do the job because you need to prepare the surface first before you paint.

Painting outside parts of the house is different from when you do for the inside parts. Outdoor parts of house are prone to dirt and bad conditions due to direct exposure of climate. Paint won’t stick properly when the surface is dirty or rough.

Hence, you need to clean the surfaces beforehand. You need to do the trimming as well if there are any stick-out parts of the surface. After that, you need to sand the surfaces as well. It is important especially if you have ever painted the surface previously because there might be peeling paint or paint flakes. Good sanding techniques will provide smooth and good surface for paint to stick on.

  • Don’t forget about primer

The key point that you should remember is you should apply primer before painting. It is still standard technique that often used for longer lasting paint result. Yet, with the new technology in this industry, now you can find a paint product which mix the primer and color coats.

This kind of paint product will reduce the amount of paint you need to adhere. This product perhaps is pricier but it is worth with the quality. Perhaps, it is little bit more affordable rather than when you buy primer and coat discretely for exterior painting.

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